Our Products…

  • Are 100% Soy Wax using soybean oil from our American Farmer’s quality soybean crops.
  • Use self-trimming cotton wicks which help ensure a clean burning product each time it’s used.
  • Are environmentally safe for your pets by not containing harmful chemicals derived from harmful petroleum waxes or dyes.
  • Are moving away from phthalates which are controversial as they could potentially activate asthmatic and allergic symptoms. Few products of our still contain these and is clearly listed on each product page within our site.
  • Are available in three options:
    • Small Wax Melts (2.5 Oz.)
    • Large Wax Melts (5 Oz.)
    • Cotton Wick Candles (7 Oz.)

Why choose us…

  • We are a small local Wisconsin business offering premier customer service.
  • We process and ship orders within hours of being placed.
  • We manufacture our soy products in house and by hand, offering great deals to our customers while offering a quality product.
  • We use quality, high fragrance oils which offers long lasting enjoyable fragrances.
  • We choose to use soy wax rather than petroleum-based paraffin waxes to ensure clean burning and environmentally safe candle products.
  • We strive to provide the best and be the best at keeping your families safe and healthy which providing the most quality product we can offer with the easiest and most friendly service.
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